A Summer Full of Book Reviews!

I had no idea how much junk I’d let pile up while I was in the flop-sweat panic mode that came with the final weeks of classes. Well, today I decided I was going to clean. And clean I did.

I swear I probably scrubbed about an inch and a half of dust off of every surface in my room, did about ten loads of laundry and tossed out about five garbage bags full of unwanted clothes, junk from my locker, and extras that I’d lost within the piles about a month back.

Guys, I found stuff from Easter. Just chilling on the floor like it was no big deal. I found that Connor Franta book that I’d been wanting to read but couldn’t find. I found it underneath the pile of Easter stuff and things, even though I’m pretty sure I bought it after the Easter holiday. Weird, I know.

I didn’t realize exactly how disorganized my room had become until I was actually taking the piles and piles of junk to the garbage cans. I threw away everything from food to Halloween costumes to old recording equipment. I mean it when I say my room was a mess.

Now I’m just glad I’m starting out the summer right. I have a spotless room, a clean bathroom, fresh knitting and writing supplies and endless time to do the things that I enjoy doing. This is going to be a summer to remember. The first thing on my list to do now is to knit the blanket that I need for my college dorm and finish reading Connor Franta’s memoir. My plan is to finish reading it tomorrow and then on Monday I will definitely maybe finish reading Joey Graceffa’s In Real Life. I’m loving it so far, even though I’m only a couple of chapters in. Sitting in the hot, awful gym for several hours, half-way listening to my classmates read their graduation speeches is going to give me ample opportunity to be able to wrap up that book so that I can write out a solid review for my blog and then move on to the next book I’m planning on reading, Faces of the Dead by Suzanne Weyn.

Oh yeah. That’s probably something else that I should have told you about myself. I am a huge book nerd. So there will probably be a lot of book reviews on here; everything from books that my friends have written to stories I found online and actual physical books that you can go and buy at Barnes and Nobel. If you’re into books of the fantasy, romance, or teen fiction variety, this will definitely be the blog to see this summer!

Stay tuned for more!


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