YouTuber of the Week: LuLo Fangirl

Since this blog is relatively new I’ve been trying to find a kind of direction to send it in, so I’m not just posting about random nonsense all the time. Although the random shenanigans are fun and will continue, one thing I’ve decided to do from now on is a series where I write articles about some of my favorite YouTubers of all time. I’ll do one once a week on a particular channel that I think is just fantastic and practically perfect in every way. So without further ado, The Semi-Adult‘s first ever YouTuber of the Week is Christina Marie (aka LuLo Fangirl)!

First of all, Christina has just hit a pretty awesome milestone (4k subscribers) so congratulations, if you ever happen to see this! Second of all, she has some of the most insightful and hilarious material I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Seriously.

Her video topics consist of everything from books she’s read, to the make-up she wears, and even to the things that are sometimes difficult or even taboo (like unemployment and racial prejudices). I’ve been watching her videos for about two years now and there’s something great about her tell-it-like-it-is attitude that keeps me watching. There have been times when I’ve ended up watching hours upon hours of her videos without even realizing it, because they’re just that good.

Another thing that I find outstanding is Christina’s unwavering positivity. Like, she could be going through some of the worst time of her life and you would never know it because she is always positive and thankful for what she has at that moment. Simply put, her channel is a place that I go to when I need to put a smile on my face. Her opinion on everything just seems to have a really feel-good effect that now has me coming back on the daily hoping for new updates.

Obviously, I suggest you go check out her channel (link here) and give her a ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ while you’re at it. She also does a Goodreads Read-Along Group which is awesome. I have been reading along and watching it evolve for a while and I loved the latest read, I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson.

Stay tuned for the next YouTuber of the Week! Let me know who your favorite YouTubers are by leaving a comment or shooting me an email!

Have a wonderful evening~


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