My Life as a Vlogger

Once upon a time, I decided it would be a most excellent idea to start a YouTube channel. Not just any YouTube channel – a vlog channel.

Yes, as I have mentioned before, I love vloggers. My favorites probably have to be Zalfie, for obvious reasons. It’s because of this that I decided I was going to start my own. Of course, as a fifteen-year-old kid with no driving license or public transport locally, I really couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. So, my vlogs consisted of my trips to Indianapolis for Key Club events, New York City with friends, and my one-week trip to Ball State for drum major camp. It was not the most entertaining thing for anyone to watch.

I only managed to make about fifteen videos before my brother found out and shortly thereafter, so did my mom. Obviously, I didn’t want my family members watching the embarrassing things I was doing online (the rest of the world is totally fine, but come on, that’s my mom) , so I finally stopped vlogging on a regular basis. I would only record when something crazy cool would happen (like when I went to go see Newsies on Broadway) or during National Novel Writing Month (because I still held onto the hope that I would eventually be accepted as a BookTuber).

My sophomore year my English teacher found my vlog channel. I can’t even remember how, but it was possibly the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me. He found a video of me singing (back when I wasn’t as “practically perfect”) as I am now, and showed it to the entire class. I very nearly cried. It didn’t stop there, though. About a week later, I figured out that my Chris Crocker “Leave Britney Alone” parody had been email-chained between tons of kids at my school who were hating on me, simply because I was acting on the thing that I enjoyed doing most.

Although my classmates finding out that I was a regular vlogger was pretty embarrassing, it also opened up a whole new world for me. The worst had happened. I had nothing to lose. So, i started bringing my camera to school and filming during class and my classmates and I had a good time goofing off for the camera together. I would ask my classmates if they wanted to do tag videos together and to my surprise, one actually said yes! Within the span of weeks (as opposed to the months I had vlogged beforehand) my subscriber count nearly tripled, from all of my classmates who wanted to see if they had made the final cut before my videos were published.

What began as my worst nightmare quickly became one of the best things that ever could have happened. So to any of those out there who are thinking of doing something risky, just do it. It might suck. You might be the school’s laughing stock for a couple of days, but after that time, you will be able to pick yourself up, move on, and achieve great things.

Have a wonderful evening~


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