Jurassic World

Let me just start with saying that the only reason I watched this movie yesterday was because I needed something to fall asleep to. I need noise in the background when I am about to go to sleep, whether it be a movie, music, a TV show, or something else. Jurassic World was the first thing that popped up on my ‘recommended watch’ list, so I clicked on it, expecting to fall asleep within the first ten or fifteen minutes.

The movie had me fascinated from the very beginning. As a person who wasn’t very impressed by the film’s predecessors, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I stayed awake for the entire movie and absolutely loved it. There was just enough romance to pull me in from the beginning, but from there, there was all sorts of actions and amazing CGI effects that I never even knew existed. I seriously couldn’t even begin to tell you how cool I thought it was when that giant whale-shark-dinosaur jumped up out of the Shamoo tank. It was right then that I knew I was in it for the long haul.

Since I was not a fan of the original film series, I am going to go back soon and rewatch hem and see what I think of them now. I haven’t seen them in about five or six years, so perhaps my tastes have changed since then. I hope I liked them as much as I liked the Jurassic World film. I wonder if anybody else is starting at the end and working toward the first movie like I am. Let me know if you are. Maybe we can chat about what we thought.

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I hope you have a wonderful evening~


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