Top 3 Tips for the Stage Door Visitor

Top 3 Tips for the Theater Patron was one of my most successful posts to date, so I’ve decided to turn it into a series! In this, the second installment, I will be discussing stage door etiquette, because no matter how informal it is, there are still proper and improper ways to behave. I hope you enjoy!

1.) Let kids go to the front.

If you’re going to a show such as Matilda, Wicked, or pretty much any Disney musical, there are obviously going to be young children at the stage doors. Let them squeeze their way to the front and have a little bit of face-to-face interaction with the performers. Too often I see adults pummeling their way to the front of the stage door queue, just to get their Playbill signed first. What impression do you think that is going to send to the kid who is having their first theater experience? It’s definitely going to leave them with a sour taste in their mouth!

2.) Respect the performers’ personal space.

Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, do not try to hug them. If they go in for a hug first than that’s totally fine. Heck, even asking if you can hug them is okay (if not just a tad bit awkward). But don’t just sidle your way up to the front of the queue and throw your arms around your favorite performer. I’ve seen this happen far too many times, and although actors are good at covering it up, it’s clear that it’s a little bit awkward. Just remember, you are a complete stranger to them, so please ask permission before invading another persons’ personal space.

3.) Don’t get too upset if someone doesn’t show up to the stage door.

Greeting fans at the stage door is not a part of the performers’ job description. They do it for our benefit! That being said, actors have lives too and sometimes those lives prevent them from having time to sign hundreds of Playbills at the stage door. Don’t take it as a personal insult. In fact, if you send that Playbill in the mail, along with a nice letter explaining that you loved the show and would really like them to sign it, they definitely will (I’ve done this on more than one occasion). Just make sure to send along a self-addressed and stamped envelope so that it can be returned to you!

So there you have it – the Top 3 Tips for Stage Door-ing! Let me know if you agree or if you have any other tips that you would like me to include in a PART TWO video! Thanks again for reading.

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I hope you have a wonderful evening~


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Tips for the Stage Door Visitor

  1. I think too many people go crazy over item 3… “WHY DIDN’T KRISTIN CHENOWETH APPEAR AT THE STAGE DOOR?” I see lots of these tweets when she was doing On the Twentieth Century a while ago. As for item 1, most shows that are not “adult” in nature (like The Book of Mormon or If/Then) will have quite a number of kids. You’ll be surprised at the number of kids that see Phantom… But letting kids go first is a little disputable. Some people do not for their own reasons, and we cannot say that they are wrong. Sometimes, the kids really hog onto the performers for quite a while.


    1. #1 is really just a personal preference of mine and I should have articulated that better. I mostly put that one there because of many personal experiences I’ve had at shows (especially the few times I’ve seen Newsies) where grown adults were literally shoving kids out of the way in order to cram up against the barricade to get their pictures first! When it’s a kids show like THAT, I really think that people should show a little bit of courtesy and let kids to the front. Thanks very much for your comment! You have some very good thoughts!

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