DIY Dorm Room Posters!

Buying for your freshman dorm can be one of the most stressful experiences of your first year. I know from experience. I’ve been shopping everyday for the past eight days, trying to come up with everything necessary to make my dorm a comfortable living environment without totally breaking the bank. College is already expensive enough. Don’t spend money where you don’t have to!

Now, for some (like me), college will be the first time ever that you’ll have to share a living space with another human being. This is not something to stress over. In fact, it can be of a benefit to you! Since you’ll be living with one or more people in your freshman dorm room, you can split the “WHAT TO BRING” list right down the middle, saving both of you some cash. For example, my roommate and I agreed that if I brought the plates and silverware, she would bring the iron and steamer!

Still, even after splitting the costs, it is likely that your extra-long bedding (that you’ll probably never use again after freshman year FYI), your space-optimizing bins and totes, and all other necessities of dorm room living are going to cost you a fortune. And unfortunately, most of the things that are no-brainer, must-haves for your dorm room are going to cost you the most, and there’s really no way to get around that. Luckily, one thing that you can cut corners on price-wise is decorating!

The drab, off-white-but-not-on-purpose wall color of pretty much all dorm rooms is not something that most people want to proudly display to the world. So we employ tapestries and other colorful diversions to divert the eyes. And of course as we all know, the decorating is always the priciest part of any move. There are plenty of ways to decorate your dorm room without the expenses totally blowing your mind, though.

One thing that I did to brighten up the room was to create posters of my own. Here are the steps I took to create them:

1.) Find 25-30 photos on Google Images of a certain place or thing that you enjoy. I tend to keep mine within the same broad category, but obviously that’s not required.

2.) Right click and click ‘Save Image As…’ to save all of the photos to your desktop.

3.) Log in to your Walgreens online account and have them print up all of your images in a 4×6 format. You can buy 35 4×6 prints for just over $6.

4.) Purchase a standard-sized black poster frame from the Dollar Tree.

5.) Tape your prints together on the back in rows of five and columns of five.

6.) Place your prints inside of the frame and you’ve got yourself a beautifully framed poster!

Make two or three of these to hang along the wall. They’re certain to bring any sort of drab dorm room to life! I hope you enjoyed this quick tip. I will certainly be blogging more about college as move-in day comes closer and classes begin!

I hope you have a wonderful evening~


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