If It’s Not Broken, Why Fix It?

This question has been swirling around in my head for the past couple of weeks. With all of the local talk about marching bands and who is likely to make it to (and place in) the BOA Grand Nationals competition. Why do people feel the need to fix something that is working just fine? Primarily, this question goes out to the band director who took over my senior year of high school.


Why is it that, even though the year before we were .2 away from going to State, you felt the need to come in and change the entire formula? Tweak a few things to better suit yourself and I would understand, but why change the basic fabric of a program that had been on the rise for nearly five consecutive seasons? Our numbers were up. Our hopes were high. This was going to be the year.

And then  you came along and ruined any hope I had of going to State my senior year. You, sir, are the reason I am the way that I am now. You, sir, are the reason I thought about not going to college for music (which would’ve been the worst decision of my life). You did everything in your power to change the program so drastically that, in reality, it ended up driving us into the ground. Why couldn’t you just stick to the original formula. We knew it worked. The band had been successful with it for years.

I know you thought you knew what was best for the program, but after the first month or so, seeing that we were failing, feeling our devastation and frustration when we weren’t getting any better, why didn’t you just go back to the way things were. We knew that way worked for the people we had. That’s why we used those methods for so long.

As someone who watched one of the best things in her life come crumbling down around her in no more than three months, I urge anyone who has ever been in charge of something or someone to consider this. Why change it when it’s fine (thriving, even) the way that it is?

These are just my thoughts for the day. What are you opinions? I’d love to know!


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