If you’ve managed to find your way over to this part of the blog, that must mean you want to know more about me and that’s totally flattering! Unfortunately, though, I’m not entirely sure what to write, so I’ll just give you 10 quick facts about myself:

  1. I’m a proud Indiana native!
  2. I’m also proud to be a Purple Ace!
  3. My best friend is the complete opposite of me and she makes me better because of it.
  4. I haven’t grown since, like, fifth grade.
  5. Broadway music is my favorite kind of music.
  6. I have a sense of humor that is apparently not recognized as a sense of humor by anyone other than myself.
  7. I am convinced that Katherine Plumber is the most important Disney Princess.
  8. I have a habit of becoming very obsessed, very fast.
  9. I used to be the weird horse kid (you know what I mean – every school has one).
  10. Now I’m just the weird blogging, vlogging, marching band-ing, Broadway-ing kid (and I definitely prefer it).

Now, you should probably go back to the main page where all of the good stuff is. Or if you’re feeling friendly, visit my contact page to shoot me an email!


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