19 Kids and No Longer Counting

So, this past week Josh Duggar was found to be a pervert. That’s really all there is to it. At the age of 14, the young Duggar assaulted sisters Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, along with an additional family friend (who is believed to be Cousin Amy). Now, there are all of these radical Christians coming out of the woodwork, telling the world that we need to forgive Josh because the Bible says so.


That’s not how that works.

The Bible also says that he who is not with sin should be the one to cast the first stone. However, Josh Duggar chucked a freaking cinder block at Girl Scouts of America not too long ago for accepting those he referred to as “boys in skirts”. That’s not a sin. That’s loving all people – much like the Duggars’ beloved Bible tells us we should.

So indeed, here is my stone, and I will be casting it in Josh Duggar’s direction.

I don’t care how sorry he is. I don’t care that he’s prayed about it. The fact of the matter is, the family kept quiet about it until it was too late to do anything.

Now, don’t think I’m Christian-shaming here, because I promise I’m not. I’m a progressive Baptist myself. I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost just as much as the next guy and of course I believe in forgiveness.

But I also have a moral compass. And that moral compass tells me on the daily that it is, in fact, not acceptable to assault family members. As far as I can tell, it also told me that when I was 14, so don’t go blaming it on his childish curiosity. When kids get curious, the stick their finger in an outlet, put a pillow over a lamp, or even put something from the yard into the microwave. They don’t assault their siblings. I’m sure anyone else who has siblings would tell you the same thing.

So farewell, Duggars. I was looking forward to seeing many more weddings and vacations ahead, but it seems now that it was just not meant to be.


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